California Travelers Beware: Orkin Reveals 7 Cities Crawling With Bed Bugs

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Travelers planning a trip to California should take extra precautions regarding their accommodations, as a recent report from Orkin identifies seven Californian cities among the top 50 bed bug-infested cities in the United States.

The Surge of Bed Bugs in California

Based on Orkin’s bed bug treatment data, the report highlights a concerning increase in bed bug infestations throughout the state. Notably, Los Angeles has experienced a significant spike, moving up seven positions to secure a spot in the top five.

High-Risk Bed Bug Cities in California

The cities earning a place on this undesirable list are:

  • Los Angeles: Climbing to the top five, indicating a serious bed bug issue.
  • San Francisco: Also making the list, underscoring the widespread nature of the problem.
  • San Diego: Completing the trio, emphasizing the necessity for statewide attention to pest control.

Preventive Measures

Orkin underscores the importance of travelers remaining vigilant against bed bugs. Prevention tips include:

  • Conducting a thorough inspection of hotel rooms for signs of bed bugs.
  • Avoiding placing luggage on the bed or floor, where bed bugs can easily hitch a ride.
  • Using protective covers for mattresses and box springs to discourage bed bug infestations.


As bed bugs continue to proliferate in major California cities, travelers must take proactive measures to safeguard themselves. A combination of awareness and preventive actions can significantly contribute to ensuring a bed bug-free experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Los Angeles a significant worry for bed bug infestations?

Los Angeles has witnessed a notable surge in bed bug cases, climbing seven positions to join the top five cities facing severe bed bug problems. This highlights a pressing issue that demands immediate attention and proactive measures.

Are there other Californian cities grappling with bed bug issues?

Yes, both San Francisco and San Diego are included in the roster of cities experiencing significant bed bug infestations. This implies that the problem extends across various locations rather than being isolated to a specific area.

What steps can travelers take to prevent bringing bed bugs home?

Travelers should carefully inspect hotel rooms for any signs of bed bugs, refrain from placing luggage on beds or floors, and consider using protective covers for mattresses and box springs to reduce the risk of infestation.

What are the indicators of a bed bug infestation in a hotel room?

Signs of a bed bug infestation encompass small blood spots on sheets, a sweet musty odor, and the presence of the bugs or their excrement around the bed, furniture, or walls.

Are bed bugs harmful to humans?

Although bed bugs are not known to transmit diseases, their bites can result in itching and allergic reactions. Moreover, the existence of bed bugs can lead to stress and disruptions in sleep patterns.

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