Arizona Man Convicted for 40 Pounds of Meth: Inside the High-Stakes Case

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PHOENIX — Last week, Abisai Urias, a 32-year-old resident of Tucson, was convicted in absentia for the transportation of 40 pounds of methamphetamine, possession of anabolic steroids, and possessing a firearm during a drug offense in Yavapai County.

Urias was initially apprehended in May 2022 by a City of Cottonwood police officer during a routine traffic stop. Upon questioning, Urias admitted to having steroids in his vehicle. A subsequent search revealed vials of anabolic steroids, a loaded handgun in the driver’s door, and nearly 40 pounds of methamphetamine concealed in a duffle bag and a dog-food bag.

The sentencing, which could result in a prison term ranging from five to more than 30 years, will take place upon Urias’s return to custody. Authorities are urging individuals with information about his whereabouts to contact the Cottonwood Police Department or their local police department.

Yavapai County Attorney Dennis McGrane attributed the successful conviction to the efficient work of the prosecution team and investigating officers. McGrane emphasized the severity of the crime due to the substantial quantity of drugs involved and the presence of a loaded handgun. He affirmed the commitment of his office to vigorously prosecute drug dealers, seeking lengthy prison terms in cases of this nature, and encouraged drug users to seek rehabilitation.

For assistance, drug users in Yavapai County can visit the MATFORCE website or call the national Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration hotline at 1-800-662-4357.


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