Americans Held Hostage in Gaza: Biden’s Rescue Plan?

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As of October 7, it is estimated that Hamas is holding approximately 120 hostages in the Gaza Strip, which is adjacent to Israel. Among the hostages are five Americans.

One of them is Edan Alexander, who recently celebrated his 20th birthday while being held captive on December 29. Originally from Tel Aviv, he spent his formative years in New Jersey.

Prior to his capture, his mother, Yael Alexander, had a phone conversation with him, completely unaware that it would be their final discussion. Edan reassured her that he was safe, stationed on the Israel-Gaza border, amidst what he described as intense conditions resembling a war.

Accompanying him are Sagui Dekel-Chen, Omer Neutra, Hersh Goldberg-Polin, and Keith Siegel, all enduring over 230 days of captivity.

President Joe Biden offered his unwavering support to the families of these hostages, promising tireless efforts to bring them back home. Despite this, efforts to secure their release have encountered difficulties.

Despite Biden’s efforts to seek assistance from Egypt and Qatar to exert pressure on Hamas, the talks have consistently encountered obstacles. The White House has yet to address the possibility of U.S. troop involvement in a rescue mission.

Unfortunately, it is believed that the remains of three other Americans, Itay Chen, Judy Weinstein, and Gad Haggai, are located in Gaza.

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