Abbott Launches Top 10 Most Wanted Illegal Immigrants List

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott has unveiled a list showcasing the ten most wanted criminal fugitives who are in the country illegally. Through collaboration with the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), this initiative seeks to locate and apprehend individuals who have unlawfully entered the country and are repeat offenders wanted for serious crimes committed within the state.

The list, titled the “Top 10 Most Wanted Criminal Illegal Immigrants List,” will be made available on the Texas DPS website, featuring photographs of the individuals. DPS Director Steve McCraw highlighted the significance of public assistance in apprehending these offenders before they have the chance to perpetrate additional crimes.

As a way to encourage tips that could lead to arrests, Texas Crime Stoppers has implemented a cash reward system for individuals who provide information about individuals on the top 10 list. Tipsters have the option to maintain their anonymity when reaching out to Crime Stoppers. They can do so through different channels such as the hotline, the DPS website, or Facebook.

The office of Governor Abbott guarantees that all tips will remain confidential, no matter how they are submitted. This initiative showcases the dedicated commitment of Texas authorities to bolster public safety and tackle the problem of crime associated with illegal immigration in the state.

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