NLR Student Becomes Published Author


Kailee Hill, Photo Editor

Nia Lindsey, North Little Rock High School senior, engages in several roles such as the school’s spirit coordinator and a competitive hip hop dancer. However, she has recently added one more title to her list: published author. Many of her peers, along with the staff of NLRHS, are expressing their pride in Nia, after her book “ A Text Message From the Heart,” was published in November of 2019. 


Although her book was recently published, Nia states, “I wrote it in kindergarten.” Though Nia’s mother, Eleanor Lindsey, is very active in her daughters’ lives, especially when it comes to significant events, she was unable to attend the celebration for the 100th day of school.  “When my mom picked me up, I started telling her how I missed her and she told me she missed me too,” says Nia. 


But Nia already knew her mother missed her. Nia claims that while at school, she got a warm feeling, which she describes as a “a text message from the heart.” She then went home and wrote the whole day’s experience down on her computer. Twelve years later, Lindsey’s story about her precious bond with her mother was published. 

On February 9th of this year, after the publishing of her book, she made an appearance on the news channel THV11. “It’s great that they are helping me share my story,” remarks the new author Nia.


By publishing her book, Lindsey hopes to be an example to young people to encourage them to  “think outside of the box”.