Advanced Placement Courses Enrich Student Learning


Emanie Montgomery, Marketing Manager

As North Little Rock High School introduces more Advanced Placement courses, many students are given the chance to challenge themselves academically as they prepare for college.

“AP courses are college classes for high school learners,” NLRHS teacher Prisca Selhorst explains. 

 Starting out with only allowing upperclassmen to take AP courses, our administration now strives to introduce a variety of new courses available to underclassmen. The step of broadening the student’s course options has resulted in many students earning the title of an AP scholar.

There are three kinds of AP Scholars: AP Scholars, AP Scholars with Honors, and AP Scholars with Distinction. This year we have students who fall into all three categories. In fact, if you have walked past the guidance office, you may have noticed a wall adorned with the faces of students who have been honored with the prestige of becoming an AP Scholar. Over the years, the number of AP scholars at NLRHS has grown. 

Selhorst says, “When the wall first started there were only seven scholars. Last year there were seventeen scholars, and this year twenty-four scholars will be added to the wall.” 

For the students that are on the fence about taking AP courses, our school offers AP courses in English, social studies, mathematics, science, foreign language, and fine arts. 

Current AP Scholar with Honors, Morganne Jumper, expresses that, “I loved AP Psychology last year. It was really interesting and Ms. Smith made it really fun and interactive.” Morganne now takes AP Government and Politics which, to her, is also very interesting and her lightest AP workload.

All in all, AP courses are great opportunities to challenge yourself academically, receive college credit by getting a qualifying score on the AP exam, and also to get a higher GPA.