$800K Jewelry Heist Rocks Southern California

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A San Gabriel Valley jewellery store owner is devastated by a brazen robbery that led to the loss of around $800,000 in diamonds, gold, and cash. Desiré Jewellery in Glendora was left in a state of shock after an incident on May 15. Burglars managed to break in, disable the security systems, and carefully cut through safes over a span of six hours.

Three days later, Monir Kassis, the store’s owner, was taken aback when he discovered the burglary. He traced the thieves’ entry point to a hole in the shop’s roof on Glendora Avenue. The stolen loot consisted of a significant bag of diamonds, estimated at 600 carats, as well as gold chains and other valuable items.

Even though the surveillance cameras were disabled, the recordings managed to capture the sounds of the thieves in action. It seems they used gas-powered torches and drills to cut through the safes. Two individuals were captured on camera, but their identities are still unknown.

Upon returning from vacation, Kassis was devastated to discover that two of the safes had been tampered with, resulting in the loss of the precious jewellery stored inside.

The Glendora Police Department is currently conducting investigations, with detectives carefully analysing the evidence found at the scene, such as blood on one of the safes. Kassis has also sought the assistance of a private investigator, who is convinced that the heist was carried out with great skill and is confident in his ability to identify the culprits.

Anyone who has any information about the incident is strongly encouraged to reach out to the Glendora Police Department. They are diligently working to uncover the intricacies of this audacious robbery.

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