Dai'lynn Daniels, Student Submission

Walked outside to look at the horizon

Climate changing as I’m rising

Bright as light as I look at the sun

Many shiny colors as the storm pours

Rainbow comes and the pain goes

I’m following more and more as the wind blows

Sunshine hitting my skin 

Reflecting off the affections inside

Making smiles appear in the rain

Change, Change as the feelings exchange

Seasonal months as I begin this rush

Cold, Cold, Warm, and Hot

A mystery to this bind I’m feeling inside

Cries as I begin to shine

Joy finally commencing in this dark side

I’m missing heavy rhymes but I’m actually getting my time

Catching these chills as I get the bliss feeling

Let’s start from the beginning where it all began

I’m champ that gained some weight

Losing you wasn’t the brightest day

But that didn’t mean I couldn’t find another way

Happiness was down another path

I switched lanes for the best

Passed that baton to someone else

Moving through the air made me feel ecstatic

My ambitions finally changed and glory became my name

All the pain faded away the faster I moved

Quickly I was amused by something new

My heart started to beat harder and harder

As I moved further and further

I had this despondent feeling but with you

My world gradually revamp into something bright

I finally found my light

Different passions and desires through my storm 

Through my thunder I found light

It struck my heart and showed me a way

Breaking chains of solitude 

Setting me free of the agony

Thanks to your wonderful shine

I became my own glow