7 Of The Most Dangerous Gangs Taking Over Ohio

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Rich in culture, economics, and history is the state of Ohio. It also struggles with a major issue of violence and crime, which is mostly caused by the existence and actions of gangs. The effects of some of the riskiest gangs encroaching on Ohio’s neighborhoods will be examined in this article.

1. MS-13

Known by another name, Mara Salvatrucha, MS-13 is a transnational gang that began in Los Angeles in the 1980s and has since expanded to several locations worldwide, Ohio included. The brutality, cruelty, and participation in a number of crimes—murder, rape, extortion, drug trafficking, and human trafficking—of MS-13 are well-known.

Because of their unique tattoos, which frequently cover their faces and bodies, MS-13 members are easily recognized. Strongly present in Columbus, MS-13 has engaged in conflicts with police authorities and other gangs.

2. Hells Angels

The 1948 founding of the Hells Angels in California marked the beginning of a worldwide motorcycle club with chapters spread over several nations. Because Hells Angels participates in illegal operations including drug sales, weapon smuggling, racketeering, and murder, it is regarded as an outlaw motorcycle group.

Members of Hells Angels are renowned for their fervor for the organization, their Harley-Davidsons, and their patches bearing a winged skull emblem. Ohio is home to a sizable Hells Angels chapter, which has engaged in bloody confrontations with other motorcycle groups such as the Iron Horsemen and the Outlaws.

3. Latin Kings

Ohio is one of the numerous states that the street gang Latin Kings has spread to after it was founded in Chicago in the 1940s. One of the biggest and best-run Hispanic gangs in the United States, Latin Kings follows a code of behavior and a hierarchical structure. Latin Kings is a party to a number of crimes, including drug distribution, assault, robbery, and graffiti.

Members of Latin Kings are identified by their hand gestures, five-pointed crown emblems, and black and gold colors. Strong in Cleveland, Latin Kings has engaged in turf conflicts with other gangs including the Vice Lords and the Gangster Disciples.

4. Polish-American Organized Crime

Polish-American Organized Crime refers to the criminal activity of Polish-Americans, particularly in Ohio, as individuals and groups. Mainly engaged in money laundering, extortion, loan sharking, and gambling is Polish-American Organized Crime.

A division of the Italian-American Mafia, Polish-American Organized Crime is linked to the Pittsburgh crime family. Youngstown, Cleveland, and Toledo are just a few of the Ohioan cities where Polish-American Organized Crime is active.

5. 2hunnid

Early in the new millennium, the street gang 2hunnid was established in Dayton, Ohio. Within the Bloods, a national gang that had its start in Los Angeles in the 1970s, 2hunnid is a subgroup. Aggression, aggressiveness, and contempt for authority are hallmarks of 2hunnid. Among the crimes, 2hunnid is involved in include shooting, burglary, robbery, and auto theft.

Members of 2hunnid are distinguished by their red jewelry, bandanas, and clothes. In Montgomery County, 2hunnid has caused significant problems by being linked to multiple violent crimes and auto thefts.

6. 4way

Another early 2010s street gang to emerge in Dayton, Ohio, is 4way. An offshoot of 2hunnid, 4way is a Blood subgroup as well. 4way is renowned for its skepticism, carelessness, and disdain for the law. Among the crimes 4way is involved in are shooting, burglary, robbery, and auto theft.

Bandanas, jewelry, and red attire are how 4way members are identified. In Montgomery County, 4way has caused a lot of problems by being linked to violent crimes and multiple auto thefts.

7. Somali Outlaws

Somali Outlaws is a street gang that was founded in Columbus, Ohio, in the latter part of the 2000. Young Somali men who arrived to the US as immigrants or refugees make up Somali Outlaws. The violent, intimidating, and criminal activities of Somali Outlaws include drug dealing, robbery, assault, and people trafficking.

The colors of the Somali flag are frequently worn by members of Somali Outlaws, and the term “Outlaw” or the initials “SO” are frequently inked on their bodies. Having been linked to multiple shootings and deaths, Somali Outlaws has been a big cause for worry in Columbus.


In conclusion, Ohio is a state that is severely challenged by crime and violence, which is mostly caused by the existence and activities of gangs. These gangs are all dangerous to the security and welfare of the communities they operate in, albeit their origins, organizational structures, affiliations, and methods are different.

Involving law enforcement, neighborhood associations, social services, and education, Ohio’s gang problem calls for a thorough and well-organized strategy. Our joint efforts should help to lessen the power of gangs and build a more prosperous and peaceful Ohio.

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