7 Of The Most Dangerous Gangs Taking Over Illinois

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Illinois, especially Chicago, has long been a battleground for some of the most notorious gangs in the United States, impacting the safety and security of communities across the state. Here, we explore seven dangerous gangs currently dominating Illinois.

The Chicago Outfit

The Chicago Outfit, often linked with the American Mafia, stands as one of the country’s oldest crime syndicates. With a history rooted in prohibition-era activities like bootlegging, gambling, and violent crime, they have maintained control through various illicit enterprises.

The Latin Kings

Known for their strict codes and hierarchical structure, the Latin Kings originated in Chicago in the 1940s and have since expanded their influence throughout Illinois. Their activities range from drug trafficking to arms smuggling.

The Gangster Disciples

Formed in the late 1960s, the Gangster Disciples have a significant presence in Chicago, engaging in various criminal activities, including drug distribution and white-collar crimes.

The Vice Lords

Originating in the 1950s, the Vice Lords stand as one of the largest and most structured street gangs in Chicago, involved in criminal activities such as drug trafficking, extortion, and violent crime.

The Black P. Stones

Also known as the Blackstone Rangers, this gang, founded in the 1950s, participates in various criminal activities, including drug trafficking and gang warfare.

The Four Corner Hustlers

Originally part of the Vice Lords, the Four Corner Hustlers gained independence in the 1970s. Known for drug trafficking, robbery, and violent retaliation against rival gangs.

The Mickey Cobras

The Mickey Cobras have a long-standing rivalry with other Chicago gangs, engaging in drug trafficking, armed robbery, and violent crimes.

The Impact on Society

The presence of these gangs poses a significant threat to the safety and well-being of Illinois residents. Gang-related violence often results in tragic outcomes, affecting not only the gang members but also innocent bystanders. The economic impact is profound, with businesses and property values suffering in areas with high gang activity.

Efforts to Combat Gang Violence

Law enforcement agencies have been tirelessly working to dismantle these criminal organizations. Through community outreach programs, educational initiatives, and collaboration with federal agencies, there is hope for reducing the influence of gangs in Illinois.


The battle against gang violence in Illinois is ongoing. While the efforts of law enforcement and community leaders are making strides, the power and influence of these seven gangs continue to challenge the state’s peace and security. It is a collective responsibility to remain vigilant and support initiatives aiming to end the reign of these dangerous gangs.

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