5 Delaware Towns People Are Fleeing as Soon as Possible

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Delaware, despite being the second-smallest state in the US, grapples with various challenges, prompting residents to seek alternatives. Here are five towns experiencing significant population decline:


Wilmington, Delaware’s largest and most populous city, faces considerable issues, ranking as one of the most perilous areas. In 2020, it reported the highest violent crime rate in the state, with 1,387 incidents per 100,000 people, according to the FBI. Additionally, the city contends with poverty, unemployment, and homelessness, prompting a considerable exodus of residents in search of safer and more prosperous locales.


Dover, the state capital and second-largest city, struggles to attract residents due to a high cost of living, low median income, and subpar air quality. The city also grapples with a low graduation rate and a high dropout rate among students, contributing to a declining population as individuals seek better prospects elsewhere.


Seaford, a small town in Sussex County, is plagued by a significant drug problem, particularly concerning the opioid crisis. The town bears a high rate of overdose deaths and drug-related crimes, coupled with a low median home value, a high poverty rate, and a lack of amenities, making it an undesirable place for long-term residency.


Laurel, another small town in Sussex County, faces challenges similar to Seaford, with a high crime rate, low median income, and an overall diminished quality of life. Additionally, Laurel contends with a high unemployment rate and a low diversity score, prompting residents to actively seek opportunities elsewhere.


Georgetown, the county seat of Sussex County, grapples with unappealing factors such as a high tax burden, low median home value, and a subpar livability score. The town’s challenges include high population density and significant traffic congestion, making it a location that residents actively avoid.


Delaware’s towns, though small, grapple with complex issues ranging from crime and unemployment to drug problems and subpar living conditions. The challenges faced by Wilmington, Dover, Seaford, Laurel, and Georgetown shed light on the diverse factors contributing to the significant population decline and residents’ quest for safer and more promising locales.


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