New Cats on the Block: Meet Leslie Crider


Leslie Crider is a new member of the Charging Wildcat community.

It’s a new year at North Little Rock High School, which means our staff roster has quite a few new names. One such name is Leslie Crider. Crider teaches Honors World History and Advanced Placement Human Geography at NLRHS. Before she started teaching, Crider worked in the legal field for quite some time. She obtained her law degree in 2000, and was inclined to share exactly what she had to do in order to become a teacher. “After 16 years in the legal field, I applied to teach through the Provisional Professional Teaching License with the AR Department of Education,” explains Crider.

However, she didn’t always have the drive to be a teacher. It was only years into her legal career that she started to feel the pull. “I kept feeling this tug on my heart,” says Crider. “Every time I walked into a school with my kids, it kept saying ‘this is where you need to be.'”After this realization, Crider finally decided to leave law behind and pursue her call for teaching. For the past three years, Crider taught in the Cabot School District before transferring to North Little Rock High School. While this may be her first year teaching at NLRHS, Crider isn’t just some new cat on the block. She grew up in North Little Rock and is even a graduate of the same school she teaches at now!