NLRSD Adjusts Schools Start and End Times


The school start and end times were changed to accommodate the bus schedules. How does this impact students and parents?

The North Little Rock School District recently made changes to the school start and end times. The district did this because we had too many late buses before and after school. North Little Rock High School principal Scott Jennings and the assistant principal of Lakewood Elementary School, Karen Pounders, both agree with the new times. 

Principal Jennings says, “I think it’s best for us to start school later because of late buses.” The time change at the high school was a five minute shift, with school starting and dismissing five minutes later. Jennings noticed a decrease in the number of buses being late dropping off and picking up students. He believes it has benefited both parents and students, allowing extra time for car riders, as well.

  North Little Rock High School Junior Haley Rushing who drives to school says, “The change helps me get to school on time” 

On the other hand, the time change at Lakewood Elementary school only affected the end of their day. They get out of school ten minutes later. The assistant principal, Karen Pounders, says it hasn’t affected Lakewood too much. Pounders says, “It hasn’t made a difference as far as teaching.” However, she believes it has benefited the district. “Now teachers have more time to work after school when students leave,” says Pounders. All in all, she supports the district’s decision to adjust the school start and end times. “I would have done the same thing because it was best for the students trying to make it to school on time.”