Despite Going to State, NLR Bowling Team Disbands after First Year


The NLR Bowling Team had a promising first year, but lack of funding forced the team to split.

Jacob Elliot, Reporter

Last year was the first year for the North Little Rock bowling team, and the students impressively made it to the State Championship. Despite this significant achievement, there will no longer be a bowling team this year. 

Coach Josh Shipman said, “We just can’t find the funding for the team. I feel bad for the kids because I saw how much joy it brought to them and how much they wanted a team.”

Shipman does not know if the team will ever be started again, but he does propose ideas such as fundraising in the community.  Shipman is disappointed with how short-lived the program was, especially with the team making it to State last year. Shipman says, “I think we would have had a chance at winning state this year with the correct funding.”

Though many of the team members are frustrated there is no longer a program, they are grateful for the time they had. Naseem Hankir, an alumni of the team, says, “I’m grateful for the lessons and all the fun times.”