NLR Spirit Coordinators Bring the Pep


Nia Lindsey (l) and Anna Claire Stanley (r) work together to create a spirited school culture.

The crowd is roaring, the stadium is packed, the energy is through the roof, and this is all thanks to none other than our North Little Rock High School spirit coordinators, Nia Lindsey and Anna Claire Stanley. The spirit coordinators are the students behind the scenes that plan all of the pep rally games that the student body enjoys. They are also in charge of theme weeks, spirit banners, and all other school spirit events. 

Because of these events, North Little Rock High School is said to have some of the best team spirit in all of Arkansas.  Although being a spirit coordinator is a lot of fun, it’s also a lot of pressure. “It’s kind of stressful knowing that if we plan a game nobody likes, it comes back to us,” says Stanley. 

Lindsey further says, “It can be a lot of hard work.”

Though the job can be challenging, Student Council sponsor Cassie Rogers says the girls have it under control. “It becomes very difficult because they aren’t in the same class period, but they do a really good job communicating with each other and splitting responsibility which has been a problem in the past,” Rogers says.

Before a pep rally can happen, Lindsey and Stanley first have to go through tedious steps such as brainstorming, doing research from previous rallies, and making scripts for the emcees. “Of course getting everyone involved such as student council members, coaches, dance, cheer, and of course the NLRHS students,” Stanley elaborates.

This is nothing that this dynamic duo can’t handle though. 

Rogers has nothing but great things to say about the spirit coordinators work ethic. “They do a really good job making sure if one of them doesn’t get to something one day, the other can pick up the next day,” boasts Rogers. “They are both super responsible and so I know that if I ask them to do something they do it and they do it well.”

Lindsey and Stanley plan to reveal a lot of new events in the future. “This year will be different,” says Lindsey. 

Rogers further explains, “I do expect a lot of fun with our themes… I don’t want to say them just yet, but stay tuned.¨