Spirit Truck Revs On: Student Shares His Experience as a Spirit Truck Boy


The Spirit Truck Boys are a treasured tradition at NLRHS.

The familiar sound of a 1980’s Chevy Truck is nothing short of iconic to the Charging Wildcats. This North Little Rock High School tradition has been around for a remarkable 15 years. “It started in 2004, and it was just a bunch of guys that wanted to get together and get it [the truck],” says recent graduate John Henry Maloch, a former Spirit Truck Boy. So, it was donated by a guy that I can’t remember his name, but back then they just started bringing it [the truck] and it’s been there ever since.”

Meet the 2020 NLR Spirit Truck Boys. From left, Luke Rice, Barrett Sparks, Will Spigner, and Grant Shoemaker.

Each year, the proverbial torch and literal truck is passed down from one senior class of Spirit Truck Boys to the rising senior class. Current NLRHS Spirit Truck Boy, William “Will” Spigner, explains why he thinks he was bestowed the honor.

Pictured: Will Spigner was excited to learn he would be one of the 2019-2020 Spirit Truck Boys

 “I haven’t missed a game in the past 2 or 3 years,” says Spigner. “I always dressed out with the theme every game and I was always very loud and energetic.” 

Obviously, a good amount of spirit is required to become a Spirit Truck Boy. Spigner’s reaction to learning he would become one of the Boys was also energetic.

 “I was just really happy and excited because I’ve wanted it for a long time,” says Spigner.

For anyone wanting to become a Spirit Truck Boy, Spigner gives this advice:

 “Be at everything, make sure that not only we [Spirit Truck Boys] see you being loud and crazy, but everyone else sees. Always be positive out there, don’t be mean or rude to anybody…. Basically, be as crazy as you can at everything you can get to.”

 Will the Spirit Truck Boy tradition ever run out of gas? Spigner doesn’t think so.

 “As long as people keep coming to games, the tradition is going to keep on going because that’s what some people look for, trying to get the truck.”

The Boys really bring the holiday spirit at a holiday themed football game.