Advice: Public vs. Private Relationships


We think private relationships are better, but make sure you know the difference between privacy and secrecy.

Brianna Young and BJ Gibbs

Would you rather be in a private relationship or a public relationship?

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Dear Blue and Gold Gazette,

Do you think it’s better to have private/lowkey relationship or a public one?

By a “public relationship” do you mean a relationship that is based off social media? A public relationship to me is when you and your partner are making everything inside your relationship known to people outside your relationship. When you’re in a public relationship, you are allowing other people to interfere with what you have going on. In my opinion, in our generation, it is better to have a private, or lowkey, relationship. Learn your partner’s weaknesses, learn their habits, and learn WHO THEY ARE. Basically build a bond with your partner so that nothing can affect you guys when you are officially “popped out”. However, let me clarify– a lowkey or private relationship does not necessarily mean a secret relationship. A secret relationship is hiding your partner from everything. A private relationship is when others know YOU ARE IN A RELATIONSHIP, outsiders know not to overstep their boundaries, and all your ups and downs are dealt with in private.  We live a lot of our lives on social media. In a private relationship, it is okay to post your significant other but it is not okay to post minor details about the things going on inside or outside the relationship. A private relationship builds trust, loyalty, and respect.