3 South Dakota Towns People Are Fleeing as Soon as Possible

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South Dakota has witnessed a consistent rise in its population over the past decade, despite a notable trend of residents opting to leave the state. This article explores the reasons behind this migration and its potential consequences for South Dakota’s future.

The Allure of South Dakota

Initially, South Dakota’s appeal stems from its lack of state taxes, affordable living costs, and abundant recreational opportunities. These factors have drawn a diverse group of individuals seeking a more economical and relaxed lifestyle.

Political Climate: A Pushing Factor

However, despite these attractions, politics has emerged as the primary reason prompting people to consider leaving South Dakota. The state’s predominantly conservative stance does not resonate with everyone, particularly those leaning towards more progressive views. For individuals like Cody Ingle, Vice President of Sioux Falls Pride, legislative attacks on the LGBTQ community make residing in the state an exhausting experience.

Economic Opportunities: A Varied Landscape

Economic opportunities, or the lack thereof, also play a significant role. The story of Jeff Kleeman exemplifies this; he departed South Dakota due to the state’s slow adaptation to modern times and the unequal treatment of minorities. The challenge of securing employment post-graduation, especially during economic downturns, has driven many young professionals to explore opportunities elsewhere.

The Exodus: Who is Leaving and Where To?

Recent data indicates that around 29,000 people left South Dakota in 2022, with the majority relocating to neighboring Minnesota. This migration pattern suggests a desire for proximity to more progressive environments while still remaining close to familiar territory.

The Impact on South Dakota

The departure of residents, particularly the younger and more diverse population, could result in a stagnation in cultural and economic growth. South Dakota faces the risk of falling behind in terms of innovation and diversity if this trend persists.


South Dakota stands at a crossroads. To retain and attract residents, it must address the concerns compelling people to leave. This includes fostering a more inclusive political environment and expanding economic opportunities. The state’s future hinges on its ability to adapt and embrace the evolving dynamics of its population.

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