Pep Rally Shoots for School Spirit


Anna Burr, Assistant Editor-In-Chief

North Little Rock High School will be holding a pep rally on Jan. 10 at 2:55 p.m. in the arena to kick off the first home game for the Charging Wildcats Varsity Basketball team.


Lark Dupins, a member of the student council at NLRHS explained what this pep rally is all about stating, “The goal of this pep rally is to encourage students to attend the game and support our North Little Rock Varsity Basketball team through school spirit.”


The event was coordinated by Justin Gilmore and Lexi Goblet, Student Council’s Spirit Coordinators. They made a schedule of the pep rally, created games, and emailed many people. “I wouldn’t say it is hard to hold a pep rally but it is a very stressful process,” Gilmore shared.


On the day of the pep rally, flex will be moved to the end of the day and classes will be five minutes shorter.