Twice the Hero: Veteran’s Day Honors Brave Educators


Colonel David Shelby is a veteran and current instructor at North Little Rock High School, which many would say makes him “twice the hero”

Antonio Sanders, Reporter

Veteran’s Day is a national holiday dedicated to making sure military veterans get the proper respect they deserve, while also being a day for all Americans to remember the sacrifices made by the members of our armed forces, past and present.

Antwoine Sanders, a student who is in the Junior Recruit Officer Training Corp program at North Little Rock High School, stated “I actually do appreciate it because we get to celebrate the true heroes who served our country.” 

At North Little Rock High School, there are many educators who are also veterans.

Gary Hinton is an English teacher, who is also an army veteran.


 Colonel David Shelby, a JROTC teacher at the NLRHS who served for 42 years shared,  “It’s a time for people to reflect on the sacrifices that were made by the men and women that have fought to keep this country free and the rights that we have.” 

Other veterans at NLRHS include English teacher Gary Hinton, who has served in the army for 9 years. Hinton feels the recognition is deserved and enjoys the perks of Veterans’ Day. He said, “We forget about the people who are doing the hard work stuff and it’s a good day where we can get free stuff”. 

Another JROTC student, Jordyn Henderson appreciates the day to reflect on our nation’s veterans and said, “I think Veterans’ day is a good day where we celebrate the people who fought for us and what we are today, and it takes a time now to show people what they did, and the predicament they were in.”

Jordyn Henderson is a student who believes it’s important to honor our nation’s military heroes.


In conclusion, Veterans Day is a national holiday which celebrates veterans of the United States military, regardless of which war they have fought in. While the battle may be over for many of our nation’s veterans, many would say veterans never stop being heroes.