North Little Rock Goes Over the Rainbow with New Play


Adam Dandridge, Feature/Opinion Editor

The North Little Rock Theatre Arts department will present a musical based on the iconic film and novel “The Wizard of Oz” at North Little Rock High School in the North Little Rock auditorium, on Nov. 9 – 12.


The auditions were held the second week of school and rehearsals began the third week.


“The actors have practiced every day after school for months. They have had vocal coaching and acting advice in each practice. They know the show forward and back,” voiced Kelsey Spigner, the Costume and Makeup Director.


Tech has also worked a lot to get things done. Spigner expressed,  “They have built an AMAZING set. It is something not seen before at NLRHS. We have integrated contemporary visual effects and classic stage tricks to create something really special.” 


The costume students have been working as hard as the others with Spigner said, “My crew is dedicated, passionate, and hard-working. They have taken the classic ‘Wizard of Oz’ that we all know and love and gave it a twist.”


Oliva Jones, a student in the musical, shares her enthusiasm saying,  “I think my favorite thing I’m most excited to show are the Oz scenes! There were so many components that made up that scene, and we’ve all worked really hard!”  


There will be four public showings.Tickets prices will be $8 for adults and $6 for seniors and students. For more information, call 501-771-8127.