New District Cell Phone Policy Sparks Debate 


Jaleah Bennett and Jordan Lee

The North Little Rock School District is strictly enforcing a new cell phone policy for the 2022-2023 school year that restricts students’ use of their cell phones, headphones, and smartwatches during class. Students and staff at North Little Rock High School have a lot of opinions about the policy. 


NLRHS student Amy Anders states, “The kids will find a way to get on their phone no matter what.”

Another student at NLRHS, Savannah Minor argues that if students have self-control then they should not have to abide by the policy.

 Minor further explains that some students need a phone in case of an emergency. Minor suffers from sporadic migraines which make focusing in class difficult. When this happens, Minor thinks it’s important to be able to call her mother. “It’s hard to learn when your head is constantly pounding.”


Laura Kelty, a Freshman Academy teacher thinks differently. Kelty views it as a positive change because she believes cell phones play a big role in our society today. She says, “As a culture and society, we have a lot of problems with it and it’s good to unplug sometimes.” Also, Kelty thinks students’ grades will improve and that the distractions will be reduced and the kids will learn more. To conclude, time will tell if the cell phone policy will help the students of NLR academically. 

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