NLRHS Gets a New Yearbook Teacher


Anna Burr, Assistant Editor-In-Chief

Maddy Meigs is the film teacher at North Little Rock High School. She has taught film for two years. This year, she is taking on a new challenge as the school’s new yearbook teacher.


“Ms. Krebs, the previous yearbook teacher, retired last year so she needed to be replaced,” 

the head counselor Gwen Leger explains. Meigs decided to try it out.


Teaching film has helped Meigs when she is working on the yearbook. “Film is the art of moving pictures and pictures are essential to the yearbook,” Meigs explains. She describes herself as a “Canvas Queen” and her prior experience with photography has come in handy. “The yearbook feels like a giant collage in some ways,” she states. 


However, the yearbook has also presented some challenges for her. She loves movies and is very knowledgeable about filmmaking but the yearbook has new vocabulary and feels like she is learning with the students. 


Anna West, the Senior Editor-in-Chief for the yearbook, has confidence in Meigs’ ability. “This year is going to be different because we no longer have Ms. Krebs but Ms. Meigs has been great so far and I’m excited to work with her,” she expresses.


Meigs has a lot of hope for the student-led yearbook. She wants to bring a sense of whimsy as a new staff member. The theme and design are both exciting aspects to her. 


Meigs has received a lot of help from NLRHS staff. “Shout out to the English department for being so great during Picture Day,” Meigs says.