Juniors Take On the ACT

Juniors Take On the ACT

Grayce Nelson, editor-in-chief

On Tuesday March 29, North Little Rock High School will administer the ACT for juniors. The test will be given in A tower.

Juniors should arrive at school on time. Students that will be taking the test have been given their assigned testing area from their flex block teacher. Virtual students have been emailed their assigned testing area and will need to bring a school or state-issued ID. Students who signed the opt-out form will report to the auditorium.  An email containing all information regarding the ACT was sent again Monday, March 28. 

Freshmen and Sophomore students will be given the ACT Aspire prep sessions. These sessions will take place in C and D tower.

Seniors will report to the auditorium as soon as the first period begins, and they will remain there until testing is over. They will be watching “The Social Dilemma.” The movie is an hour and a half long. After that, it will be a study hall. 

All COE students will be directed to B120 at the beginning of the day. 9/10 COE students will not be participating in the ACT Aspire Prep Rotations, and their absences will not count against them.

The lunch shifts will be modified, freshmen will have first lunch, sophomores will have second lunch, and juniors and seniors will have third lunch. 

Testing  tips:

  • Get enough rest 
  • Eat breakfast
  • Answer all questions, even if you don’t know the answer
  • Read instructions carefully 
  • Use time wisely
  • Eat breakfast