The NLRHS Theatre Arts Department Presents Puffs


Avery Stephens, Opinion Editor

The North Little Rock High School Theatre Arts Department is proudly presenting the play Puffs by Matt Cox to the high school students on Friday, March 18 at around 9 a.m. 

Puffs is a clever retelling of the famous Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. Instead of focusing on the male protagonist who conquered evil, this play focuses on the “Puffs”, or those who just happened to be there, too. This story is for the ones who were not destined to save the day or be the heroes of the hour. 

In order to attend this show, you must have a ticket, which is $3. On Friday, March 11, during Flex, A and B towers can purchase tickets in A tower, and J, K, and I towers can purchase tickets at the top of the cafeteria. On Monday, March 14, during Flex, E and F towers can purchase tickets at the top of the cafeteria, and C and D towers can purchase them outside of the Media Center. Tuesday, March 15 is the last day to purchase tickets.

 If you still need to buy a ticket by Tuesday, you can buy one in the cafeteria during Flex. Tickets will also be sold after school in Room I 203 from 3:55-4:15 p.m until Tuesday, March 15. You must have your ID badge and money in order to purchase a ticket.