NLRHS Students Protest Sexual Abuse


Students hold a sign in preparation for the walk out.

Gisselle Ellington, Feature Editor

Updated at 7:55 p.m., 2/28/22

At 11 a.m. today, students at North Little Rock High School protested to raise awareness about sexual assault. 

The student-led demonstration took place on the front steps of the school. Many students decided to wear teal in order to show their support for the cause. Administrators, police officers, and other staff helped students find where to go and were present to ensure the protest remained safe. 

Several students voiced concerns that reports of sexual assault are not properly handled or addressed. Annabel Cluck, a freshman at North Little Rock High School says, “It’s making everyone feel unsafe and uncomfortable,” says Cluck.

The protest began peacefully and involved a large amount of participants who held signs.

 However, as more gathered, some used profanity and other students began to walk off towards Old Main.

The majority of the students outside came back in when they were told, but a few students remained outside. Several other students who were inside the building allegedly started banging on doors, chanting, and disrupting learning, resulting in the school going on lockdown.

The North Little Rock School District sent out an email saying, “Upon returning to class, a small group of protesters continued to rally.  As a result, administrators initiated a modified lockdown as a precaution.” 

Students and staff are safe, but the day continued with a modified schedule in order to decrease the amount of students in the hallways.

The safety and security of students and staff remain our top priority,” says Communications Coordinator Dustin Barnes.