Students Struggle Senior Year


Taylure Bridges, Sports Editor

“Senioritis” is an affliction many high school seniors face and it is characterized by a decline in motivation to do anything. Other symptoms of senioritis are: your grades start dropping, attendance gets bad, being lazy, and wearing an excessive amount of sweatpants, sweatshirts, and other baggy or athletic clothes. Though many students claim to suffer from this “disease”, is senioritis a real thing or do students just use it as an excuse to slack off in their last year of school? 

Most high school students would say it is a real thing, but other adults such as teachers remain unconvinced. “Senioritis burns students out. There are so many deadlines with school and life to handle and most seniors need a break,” says North Little Rock Center of Excellence teacher Amanda Person. “The seniors I teach usually don’t show up to class, sleep in class, or just don’t turn their work in,” says Person. “As a student, I felt the same way most seniors feel now but most seniors use senioritis as an excuse to get away with not doing their work or just not going to school.” 

However, Senior Crystal Davis believes senioritis is more than an excuse: “Senioritis is very real. I have had it since freshman year. My attendance this year has been horrible and I barely make it to school on time. It also affects my mental health with depression and a lot of procrastination.” 

Real or imagined, many seniors are feeling the effects somehow. If you feel like you’re coming down with a case, remember that symptoms may vary. “I don’t think it hits every student as hard as others, it just depends on what type of student you are,” says Davis.