School Clubs Benefits Students Success


EAST students enjoy creating and building their technology and design skills in the EAST lab. The EAST sponsor is Stanley Whisnant.

Sean Nahlen, Assistant Editor-In-Chief

    In times like this, students may find it hard to socialize. So, North Little Rock High School has taken it upon themselves to start up clubs again after a year of hiatuses and virtual meetings brought on by the pandemic. Not only does this open new doors for activities and friendships, but it also benefits your future college applications.


     Activities coordinator James Huff feels that the importance of clubs is to feel a sense of belonging and also make friendships.“Students should join clubs because it gives them an opportunity to be a part of the school and a chance to make new friends.” 


Students have found it hard to transition to coming back to school. Whether it’s because of mental issues or social skills, the problem stays the same. Due to this, multiple clubs have been created and reinstated. “To find the club for you, go to the teacher of the club you’re interested in or find the club on google classroom,” says Huff.


 Any information students may need or are looking for will be in their emails. Benjamin Stahl, junior and active member of the ultimate frisbee club, describes how clubs help build a positive school culture. “One of the things I’ve noticed since joining a club is I have something to look forward to every week.” Stahl has found passion in his club, and loves to participate weekly. “Joining the ultimate frisbee club has impacted my friendships. I find myself having more people to relate to.” 


    As for college applications, clubs are perfect for showing school involvement. Academics are important, but for some competitive colleges it isn’t enough. Clubs can help show a side of you that your grades can’t, such as your communication and leadership skills. If your club is lined up with your major, this will show compassion and the desire to succeed in the career. Even if it isn’t lined up, clubs still show time management and organization skills.


  Bursting open the door on this opportunity is what NLRHS has set up for their students. As the year progresses more clubs will open up, providing more individualized ideas. To keep up to date with these clubs, pay attention to your emails and look for club meetings.