Astroworld Festival ends in shambles, but who’s to blame?

D'Cameron Miller, Opinion Reporter

Celebrities are often blamed for things that they have no control of. The celebrity that is in the limelight right now is Travis Scott. Scott held his annual Astroworld Festival On Nov 5. in Houston, Texas. At the festival, 10 people were killed including a 9 year-old boy.


   While everyone is trying to put him at fault, Scott isn’t the only person to blame . Scott is known for having bizarre festivals and concerts, and people should be aware and prepare themselves for what can come with going to one of his festivals. Scott isn’t able to see the whole crowd. It’s up to his team of professional concert organizers, security, and medical staff to be able to take action and stop the show.


Scott has more than 100 lawsuits against him, other performers, and the production company because the concert wasn’t stopped. Even though he’s being blamed for everything going on, he is still trying his best to work with the local authorities and try to help the best he can. Scott stated, “I am committed together with the Houston community to heal and support the families in need.” 


He was warned that things could go wrong and didn’t take precautions. That side of things he should take responsibility for, but he is an artist and can’t control everything that goes on at his shows. The crowd got out of control themselves. They continued to jump and trample on each other even when others around them were having health issues and passed out. 


Travis is not the only person at fault here. Everyone else, including the rowdy concertgoers, deserves some of the blame for this tragedy, too.