NLR Charging Wildcats Blow the Mavericks Away


Amelia Gassman, Sport Editor

The North Little Rock Charging Wildcats took down the Fort Smith Southside Mavericks in a 51-7 defeat. While this is the first game of the playoffs we are 1-0. We are 9-2 overall this season. 

Player of the Week, Jonathon Grayson had 2 interceptions while also scoring 2 out of the 4 touchdowns. Grayson had a few words to say about last Friday’s game, “I feel like we played a great game. There’s little things that we need to fix so we can play our brand of football. But other than that, nice team win and a great way to open up the playoffs, but the job’s not finished.”

Junior quarterback, Malachi Gober, attempted 16 passes during the game and was successful 11 of those 16 times. He went 217 yards and had 4 touchdowns. This was Gobers 11th varsity start this year and has led us to 9 victories and only 2 losses. Sophomore running back, Javonte Harris, had 16 carries and 49 yards. Senior wide receiver, Johnny Lewis, had 5 receptions, 123 yards and scored 1 out of the 4 touchdowns. Senior Linebacker. Senior guard Braxton Johnson scored 1 out of the 4 touchdowns.

The Wildcats are proud of how far they’ve come this season and hope to continue their hard work all the way through onto the state championship.