North Little Rock High School’s Theatre Department Presents Matilda the Musical


Gisselle Ellington, Feature Editor

North Little High School’s Theatre Department will have their first viewing of Matilda the Musical on November 11 at 7 p.m. at the North Little Rock Performing Arts Center.

Matilda the Musical is about an intelligent young girl named Matilda who has psychokinetic powers. She isn’t loved by her cruel parents and becomes very close with one of her school teachers, the highly loveable Miss Honey. Over the course of the play Matilda and Miss Honey have a profound effect on each other’s life, as Miss Honey begins to recognize Matilda’s extraordinary abilities. All the while, Matilda has to put up with her cruel headmistress, Miss Trunchbull, who hates children and punishes them whenever she can. But Matilda has courage and cleverness and could save her fellow classmates from the evil headmistress.

The musical’s director, Mr. Noland says “We chose [Matilda the Musical] because it’s fun, upbeat, and we had never done it before.”

Matilda will be played by Madison Courage Fleck, Miss Honey will be played by Emily Bell, Ethan Carr and Kenzie Tatum will be playing Mrs. and Mr. Wormwood, and Jeremiah Self will be playing Miss Trunchbull.

Tickets will be $8 for children and $10 for adults and are available at the NLRHS Theatre Arts Department website.

Viewings for the musical after tonight will be on Saturday at 1 p.m. and then 7 p.m. and on Sunday at 3 p.m.