Freshman Advice from Insiders- Part 2

5 seniors give their best advice for the new anxious freshmen


Avery Stephens, Opinion Editor

I always find myself thinking, “I wish I would have known this as a freshman!”, whether it came to simple things like keeping a planner, making new friends, or asking my teachers a bunch of questions. Freshman year seems extremely nerve-racking, however, this advice from upperclassmen might help give the newcomers some insight into what high school is actually like. I compiled a list of questions to ask five seniors, and their responses are extremely helpful. 

Dean Zakrzewski, captain of the High School Quizbowl team and member of the band, was a bit more relaxed about freshman year. 

Avery Stephens, Reporter: “Were you nervous for the first day of freshman year?”

Dean: “Yes I was nervous… probably a 6 or 7… I wasn’t about to pass out but I definitely had a pit in my stomach.” 

Dean’s advice to the incoming freshman is to stay true to yourself and don’t overthink. 


Olivia Stuckey, Student Council Vice President and Varsity cheerleader, gives very good advice. 

Avery: “Were you nervous for the first day of freshman year? Rate your nervousness on a scale from 1-10.”

Olivia: “I was definitely nervous for her first day of freshman year… I rate [my nervousness] as an 11.” 

Avery: “What do you wish to tell the incoming freshmen?”

Olivia: “I would say it’s okay to be nervous because everyone is nervous coming into a big school like this. As long as you do what you’re supposed to be doing and keep your grades up, you’ll make it!” 

Something Olivia wishes she could tell her younger self is to not be afraid of what anyone else is thinking about you, cause most likely, they’re only worried about themselves.