Freshman Advice from Insiders

5 seniors give their best advice for the new anxious freshmen, Part 1:


Avery Stephens, Opinion Editor

I always find myself thinking, “I wish I would have known this as a freshman!”, whether it came to simple things like keeping a planner, making new friends, or asking my teachers a bunch of questions. Freshman year seems extremely nerve-racking, however, this advice from upperclassmen might help give the newcomers some insight into what high school is actually like. I compiled a list of questions to ask five seniors, and their responses are extremely helpful. 

Samantha Montgomery, Student Council Secretary, Thespian Troupe President, debate IV student, and theatre lover, reveals her true feelings about coming to North Little Rock High School.  

Avery Stephens, Reporter: “Were you nervous on your first day of freshman year?”

Sam: “Yes, I was very nervous, I came from a little, tiny private school… There were 19 kids in my class, and coming into a class of 500 students was very overwhelming but exciting at the same time.” 

Avery: “Rate your nervousness on a scale of one to ten.” 

Sam: “a straight 10. Just being able to talk to new people is always nerve-racking for everyone, but I’m really glad that I did… if I hadn’t I wouldn’t be where I am today… I went into the theatre department pretty early on and I really fell in love with the people there.” 

Avery: “What do you wish to tell the incoming freshman?”

Sam: “…get involved, meet new people, and don’t waste time stressing over small inconveniences…”

Avery: “Do you have any regrets? What do you wish to tell your younger self?”

Sam: “Freshman year, I was really nervous about what everyone thought of me. I was always trying to fit in with different groups of people… but that’s not how it is… find your people, find where you’re comfortable, and from there, just develop more as a person… be a strong part of it, be a contributor, and you’ll find some of your best friends, or for me, your lifelong friends.”