Football Player Gives Advice on Switching Schools


Mahagani Burley, Sports Reporter

It’s a known fact that the North Little Rock High School football team is one of the highest ranking teams in Arkansas, meaning they require the best of the best players.

 Jaylen Pettus, now considered one of those players, made a switch from the Maumelle Hornets. The Hornets’ football team is ranked number 33 in the state, while the NLRHS football team is holding rank number four. It’s no secret why Pettus wanted to come to NLRHS. The North Little Rock football team has played in the class 7A State Championship for four years in a row and won their last title in 2017. This year Pettus joined the team hoping to contribute to the NLR legacy. 

Changing schools during senior year and trying to fit in and adapt can be hard, especially as an athlete. Though it was a big change going from one team to another, Pettus didn’t mind. “I know I made the right decision,” he says. 

While coming to NLR for better opportunities in football, Pettus’ teammates are what make the experience special. “They let me be myself,” Pettus explains. By senior year most positions in sports are full, so Pettus has to stand out and earn his spot. When it comes to impressing the coaches and getting off the bench, Pettus has three rules: “Do good in practice, be myself, and be a team leader.”

Another challenge student athletes face is keeping up in the classroom, but Pettus’ top priority is staying on top of his grades. To athletes who may have second thoughts about switching schools their senior year, Pettus has simple advice : “Do what’s best for you”.