Teachers Encourage Seniors Impacted by a Hard Year


(pictured) Meredith Williams, a teacher at North Little Rock High School

Sarah Custer

This school year has been rough for the class of 2021 seniors. They have missed out on so many fun senior activities that most look forward to their entire high school career. Now that the school year is approaching the end, a couple of NLR teachers share some encouraging words to help our seniors finish strong. “I encourage them to continue pushing until the end. They are getting close to the finish line. They have persevered through the most difficult school year of our lifetime!” says Lincicome.

Another teacher, Meredith Williams, wanted to share these special words for the class of 2021.

To the 2021 Seniors:

Certainly this is not the senior year you had hoped for, dreamed of, or even imagined you would have. It’s safe to say that your teachers all recognize your struggle and morun for the loss of traditional activities and rituals that you have missed or had altered during this time, even though we have pushed you forward and continued to place demands on you in the classroom. 

We are beyond proud of how so many of you have continued to persevere and been determined to make the most of what you do have. We have seen you be deliberate in your attempts to make things work in the best way possible and still consider safety. You have been creative in the different ways you have found to solve problems and accomplish goals that didn’t seem possible a year ago when the world shut down. You have been resourceful and innovative in your efforts to think outside of the box and carry on to the finish line. It has been nothing short of inspiring to watch you.

While things have not been perfect, and many mistakes have been made by all, you have handled them gracefully. This has been a time when many could have given in to frustration and anger, but there has been an enormous amount of forgiveness and patience instead. We have all truly been in this together – even though we have been distanced. 

You should feel proud of yourselves going forward. This past year has brought too many challenges, heartaches, and obstacles to count. What you need to take away from this is that YOU CAN DO IT. This year has been hard, but here you are, almost done, and you’ve made it. You can do anything you set your mind to from this point forward. 

We’re all looking forward to seeing what you do next!”