Student Council Makes Bags for North Little Rock Homeless

Lila Gilchrist and Terrick Smith

With the constantly changing climate of Arkansas, concerns have been brought up for the homeless community. In February, Arkansas had an unprecedented amount of snow, and it left many thinking: How are the homeless faring? Some of the people concerned about this were the members of the North Little Rock High School Student Council. 

(from left to right) Mahagani Burley, Makenzie Cresswell, Betsy Ponder, and Aleya Kennedy show some of the many bags they’ve created with Student Council for the homeless, filled with many sanitary and daily items.

The NLRHS Student Council has worked to give back to the homeless community by collecting canned and nonperishable foods. The Student Council has made it very clear that they have a passion for helping the less fortunate. When asked about their ultimate goal, Kennedy says, “We hope to let them know that they aren’t forgotten.”

“It has been very cold recently, and we know that there are a lot of people out there who are in need,” says the Student Council president, Aleya Kennedy. She continues, “We knew that if we were homeless, we would want people to do this type of thing for us. We just wanted to give them the basic necessities so there was one less thing for them to worry about.” 

The Student Council has donated shampoo, soap, lotion, razors, shaving cream, wash cloths, socks, gloves and other hygienic products. They have helped many people with the items they have provided. “So far we’ve packed 100 bags, and we’re hoping that number will increase as students donate additional hygiene items,” says Cassie Rogers, the Student Council sponsor. If you wish to donate, you can contact Kathy Rogers, ([email protected]) or Cassie Rogers, [email protected]).