NLRHS Yearbook Seeking New Student Staff Members

Isabelle Newman, Copy Editor

Regardless of what goes on in the world around us, students and staff at North Little Rock High School can always count on one thing year after year: the yearbook. The yearbook showcases the achievements and memorable moments of the year as well as a roster of the students attending NLRHS, ensuring that they will have their name and face forever engraved in their own piece of history.


One such student, Kayden Jones, a junior at NLRHS, works very closely with Leslie Krebs, the journalism teacher who is in charge of the yearbook. 

“As a sophomore, I was in Ms. Krebs Journalism 1 class and I heard so many good things about the yearbook and I thought it would be super cool to get the chance to work on such a special memoir to look back on high school years.” 


Working on the yearbook seems to be a good way to connect with your fellow classmates around the school. You get to hear many different stories, see how successful student businesses are, and other things like families simply showing their love for their children. 


“Working on the yearbook is something I will never regret in my high school years,” says Jones.  “I always have a blast even if it is just a few others in the class with me. Everyone should consider the yearbook, the memories are worth it!”


Krebs says, “Participating in the yearbook is an educational experience as well as a social bonding experience for the staff as they try to capture the school year in one 300+ page document. She continues, “The team building, writing, editing, photography, and business skills acquired give yearbook students a platform on which to build and hone those skills into college and on into their careers.”


Leslie Krebs says that all students could benefit from their time in the yearbook class, whether they’re academic in nature, athletic, musical, or arts-oriented. 


“All will benefit from the course and its broad spectrum of skills gained through the yearbook experience,” explains Krebs.

If you are interested in joining the yearbook staff and taking part in creating a new yearbook every year, please contact Ms. Krebs at [email protected] for more information