2021 King of the Hill


Lila Gilchrist

The 2021 King of the Hill Spirit Week will take place the week of March 15th.

The Spirit Week themes are as follows:

  1. Monday, March 15th – Pajama Day! Come to school dressed in your favorite, yet appropriate, PJ’s.
  2. Tuesday, March 16th – Tie-Dye Tuesday! On this day, students will wear their favorite tie-dye clothing.
  3. Wednesday, March 17th – Jersey Day! Wear your favorite sports jersey/shirt to school.
  4. Thursday, March 18th – Spirit Day! On this day, wear your assigned color.
    1. Freshmen = Black
    2. Sophomores = White
    3. Juniors = Gold
    4. Seniors = Blue

Remember that the dress code still applies during spirit week. Student Council encourages everyone, whether you’re virtual or face-to-face, to participate and have fun!

**On Thursday, Thursday the 18th, there will be an extended Flex Block for the King of the Hill assembly.**

**There will be no game on Friday the 19th, but Finals are the following week.**