Schools Should Provide Feminine Hygiene Products

Grayce Nelson

Over the past several years, the demand for feminine hygiene products (FHP) such as pads and tampons has increased, and schools are not exempt from this rise. According to CNN, nearly 95,000 girls ages 9-18 stay home due to not being able to afford FHP. In an effort to help with this global issue, some states have introduced a bill that will require public schools to supply free feminine hygiene products. They would be kept in the women’s bathroom, for easy access. 


Coach Leslie Joshua, the North Little Rock High School volleyball coach, has coached many young women throughout her coaching career. Coach Joshua is around female students daily, and when asked if FHP should be provided, she replied “Yes I think they should provide feminine hygiene products, it is necessary, just like food,” Joshua added, “They provide breakfast and lunch and they should provide these products.”

I agree with her; schools provide breakfast and lunch for students who are in need, and they always find ways to provide this food, even when school is not in session. FHP are just as important as food. It seems to me that the school believes that FHP are not as important–but why? Is it the cost? I am sure there are ways to fund this need, such as fundraisers. This is a global issue; there are organizations that will help with the money aspect. If the introduced bill passes, I am sure that there will be funds available from the government.


Just like some students don’t have food at home, there are some who don’t have feminine hygiene products. Because of this, they do not come to school because they are embarrassed to not have them and are afraid to ask. It is extremely sad that not having FHP is a reason for girls not coming to school.


I believe if schools provided FHP, it could possibly lower the absence rate for female students.  There are some reports that find “period poverty” (girls not having FHP) is the top reason why girls miss school. A study conducted by Harris Insights & Analytics states, “…of 1,000 teens ages 13 to 19 … 5% missed class because they didn’t have access to tampons or pads.”


There should be legislation that requires schools to provide FHP. Having more access to FHP will give girls more confidence. There are so many other things going on in the mind of teenage girls, but not having FHP should not be one them.