Media Specialist Satisfies Teachers’ Appetite for Food and Fun


Brianna Young, Editor-in-Chief

Brand new year, brand new staff, brand new food!

Meet Mrs. Anderson, our newest media specialist. Of course, one of her favorite hobbies is reading! She especially loves everything horror-related. She refers to herself as “a resource for the teachers as well as the students.” But, she is most renowned for her cooking! 

As other staff members call it, “Food Fridays” consist of Mrs. Anderson’s home cooking special for the staff. She says “It’s the perfect day for the staff to get to know each other.” Mrs. Anderson always makes sure she is prepared for the teachers to come in on Fridays because she looks forward to hearing about their lives. “I enjoy cooking, I keep a crockpot in the library work room and cook various things on Friday,” she explains.

 Unlike typical potlucks, Ms. Anderson doesn’t require anyone to bring anything to eat. The treat is on her. The past menu has consisted of cheese dip, soups, and a dessert day. To get staff in the holiday spirit, she also hosted a “cultural Thanksgiving.”

Cooking is just one of the ways Ms. Anderson improves school culture. Mrs. Anderson is a self-proclaimed extrovert. Many staff members agree that Mrs. Anderson makes work more enjoyable. According to Anderson, “People will always remember how you treat them, and I want to be remembered as being kind, friendly, and caring.”