Teacher Shares Shea Butter Business


Ms. Riddles showcases her shea butter business.

Riddles uses all natural ingredients to make her special shea butter.

Meyonsha Riddles is not only a teacher here at North Little Rock High School, but she is also a growing entrepreneur. Her business, “Powered by Soulflwer,”  is based around her homemade shea butters and artwork that focuses on African-American women. 

Her interest in shea butter grew as a result from her troubles during the pandemic. She questioned whether she wanted to return to teaching and did not have any job interviews lined up. She noticed that she didn’t like the smell nor the consistency of shea butter that she had previously purchased. That’s when she decided she would make her own shea butter with her own unique scents and even add glitter to it. 

Riddles goes in depth on what makes her shea butter so special.

“First, it’s me, there is nobody else like me. Second, I haven’t met anybody who has used the scents that I used, nor have I met anybody who has used glitter or changed the color to the extent that I have,” states Riddles.  

Riddles explains the benefits of the ingredients in her shea butter. “I have raw, unrefined African shea butter. It’s a really thick block and it’s white,” says Riddles. “I use jojoba oil which is really good for moisture and healing. Shea butter is also good for moisture and healing on its own but the jojoba oil adds to the moisture and it helps make it the whip and airy consistency.”  


Riddles continues to describe how her shea butters get their shimmer and color.  “I use mica for coloring…it is typically used in unpressed eyeshadow which is harmless and there are no chemicals.” 

Riddles also wants to expand her business by expressing her creativity through her artwork as well. Riddles states her reason behind her representation of her artwork. “Just black women, black experiences are not as rare but it’s still rare to see black people being painted. Or just the representation overall and it inspires me to paint images that when my son looks at them he will say ‘Oh she’s my color or he’s my color’, you know? Just that representation cause you know it really does matter.” 

Riddles explains that there is more to her business than what others might see. “Powered by Soulflwer isn’t just shea butter, but it is an extension of me, my artistry, and creativity,” states Riddles. She continues by explaining that just as her business has grown in the four months it has been active,  she feels she has grown as well, not only as a business owner, but as an individual. She hopes that this will have a powerful impact on people who approach her and her business. “My goal and my motto is to enlighten, inspire, educate & empower everyone I encounter no matter who they are, while also learning from them.” explains Riddles.