NLRHS Goes Virtual Through December 1


Due to the high numbers of staff and students quarantined at this time, the district has made the decision to pivot the high school and Center of Excellence  to virtual learning for the remainder of this week until Dec. 1.  The district  will meet after the holiday break to evaluate the situation and make a decision on December 1 as to whether to continue virtual learning for the remainder of the semester.  The decision to temporarily transition to the virtual setting is based on staff and student safety.

North Little Rock High School Principal Scott Jennings explains the expectations of this new transition.

For students and staff, the guidelines are as follows:

  • All classes will continue on Google Classroom and Google Meet.

  • We will continue our A/B Block Schedule (A/B/A/B/B) with Virtual Learning Fridays (Virtual Learning Fridays would have the same requirements we currently have with short assignments to check attendance).  Monday through Thursday virtual classes will operate as normal in terms of introducing new material, following the bell schedule and taking attendance each period.

  • Students will not report to Flex.  This will be a break for the students and teachers.  Students will be told they can reach out to you for extra help during this time.

  • Students must be in Google Meet for the entirety of class to be counted present.

  • Physical copies of assignments are considered unrealistic at the time.

  • All staff will be required to be physically at the high school during virtual days. It will be normal working hours.

  • Students will be given the option to attend in person if they desire to. Students attending school Monday through Thursday will report to their classes.  It is only on Virtual Learning Fridays that students are housed in the cafeteria.

  • Buses will run as normal and students will receive information about food service provided during this time.