The Ghost of Ole Main: Spooky Specter Still Scares School

The Ghost of Ole Main: Spooky Specter Still Scares School

Grayce Nelson

Located in the heart of North Little Rock sits this historical fascinating building. Built in November of 1929, North Little Rock West Campus formerly known as Ole Main High School, was featured in the North Little Rock Times Newspaper as one of the largest schools in the nation and the second finest in the south next to Little Rock Central High School. Our school has a long history, filled with stories, traditions and the ghost of Ole Main’s past…

According to legend, on a dark gloomy night in October of 1954, a well-liked football star was killed in a car crash after coming from a homecoming event. Supposedly, he was so beloved by many that his funeral was held in the auditorium of Ole Main. After the crash, it was said that there have been multiple sightings of ghost-like activities in the tower of the old original building. Faculty and students have claimed to have seen his shadowy figure, wearing an Ole Main letterman’s jacket, at the tallest point of the tower, the science room, and in the auditorium. Sometimes he walks the catwalk. Each year in October, some say you can see his glow in the upper window of the school and throughout the campus cheering on the football team to victory. “You can see a light every once in a while when the Wildcats are playing at the stadium,” says NLRTV instructor Alvaro Sela.

Sela wonders if the ghost even haunts our new building. “Is it true? I don’t know. Is he here? Maybe. He might have come to this [new] building, too. Because God knows I’ve had some very weird happenings here at the TV studio.”

Of course none of these speculations and sightings can be prove. For years to come, our school will remain proud of North Little Rock’s traditions–even the spooky ones. This Halloween, remember to look up to see the ghost’s glow at the top tower of Ole Main.