The Story of La Llorona: Spanish Teacher Shares the Terrifying Tale


Mexico — a beautiful country of which culture is centered around family, food, and their fair share of scary stories. Among the many stories, there is one story that stands out the most: La Llorona.

Spanish teacher Alejandro Quezada shares with students the terrifying story of La Llorana.

There are many origins to La Llorona, but the roots to the story are always the same. Alejandro Quezada, North Little Rock High Spanish teacher, explains that the story is about a woman who drowned her two kids in a river after she was left by her husband for another woman. She acted upon revenge, but soon was filled with guilt and drowned herself in the same river. What started as a tragedy was only the beginning of what became a horrific, supernatural monster who not only killed children but also men whenever near a river at dark.

Quezada explains, “Some people have seen her at night wearing a white torn dress and yelling ‘Ayyyy mis hijos, Ayyy mis hijos’ (ayyy my children.)” He also mentions that people know it’s la Llorona because her feet never touch the floor.

Even though she is a folk tale created in Mexico there have been sightings and stories that she is very much real. So, next time you’re around a river beware of La Llorona’s cries.