OPINION: In the middle of a pandemic, our campus supervisors and custodial staff are unsung heroes.

Manjoban Kaur

A campus supervisor poses in D Tower, where he is placed to ensure students follow Coronavirus guidelines.

As a face to face student returning back to school during a global pandemic, lots of rules and regulations have been reinforced to ensure top safety for the personnel of NLRHS. However, some students lack the consistency with abiding by the rules. Luckily, we have many authoritative figures like the teachers, administrators, custodial staff, maintenance staff, & the very kind women that serve lunch to the students of our school helping to maintain a healthy environment for everyone. These groups, especially campus supervisors and our custodial staff, often go underappreciated. When we see the campus supervisors everyday, we tend to overlook how much they do for us. For example: they keep the hallways in proper order so we do not gather in large groups, and they make sure everyone is making use of the sanitization stations set up this year. We need to thank our custodians for helping keep our school sanitized & clean to prevent any further diseases. Though this is a hard time for students to receive an education while their health is being put at risk, the district has hired amazing people that are so kind & helpful to every student and staff member of NLRHS. Remember to be considerate of others and show kindness in a time of crisis like this.