Teachers Share Funny Things Overheard in Classrooms


Mrs. Kelty laughs while recalling a funny memory including her students.

Haley Rushing and Sarah Custer

“Once a student told me, ‘My momma ate a lizard before.’” -Mr. Huels

“A student once said that Jesus Christ owned slaves.” -Mrs. Petty

“A student said ‘Alaska is a state? Since when?!’” -Mrs. Dicken

Which teacher overheard the funniest thing?

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“I do remember male students imitating me by using a higher pitched voice and stating things like, ‘Hello class! How ARE you today? You are wonderful!’ ‘Oh. My. DADDY!’ and ‘Oh, my GREAT AUNT FANNIE!’” -Ms. Fulton

“My 9th grade English class is reading Romeo and Juliet. The other day I had two students use voices to play their parts! Tybalt, whose voice resembled an angry pirate, arguing with Lord Capulet, voiced like a strong and fierce Demi Lovato, at the party scene during Act 1 made the whole class so much more enjoyable!” -Mrs. Kelty