Homecoming Queen Crowned

Terrick Smith, Sports Reporter

Homecoming Queen Anna Paige Johnston poses for the camera just minutes after finding out about her win.

On October 9th, North Rock Little High School named senior maid Anna Paige Johnston as the Homecoming Queen for the 2020-2021 school year. Johnston was surprised when she heard her name announced. As everyone shouted, cheered, and congratulated her, Johnston said, “I was very shocked, but it is an honor to represent the class of 2021 and NLR.” Even though things were different this year because of COVID-19, Johnston says, “I think the girls that were senior maids made a real fun experience for me.” The homecoming assembly took place in the NLRHS auditorium, and if you missed the assembly, you can watch it at https://youtu.be/_TqJK2cGoiI.