Parent/Teacher Conferences


Parent/Teacher Conferences are scheduled for October 27 and 29 from 4:00 to 7:00 pm.

The 27th and 29th will be remote learning days for all students, so no students should be at school those days.

All conferences will be held virtually.  The conferences will be 15 minutes in length and must be scheduled ahead of time by parents.  Parents may call the high school and schedule conferences with Linda Harper in our counseling office.  Mrs. Harper will develop a spreadsheet to share with teachers before the conferences so that they can create a meeting link to send to the parents.  Teachers can use Zoom or Google Meet for the conferences.

The remote learning days will function as follows on the 27th and 29th:

  • Certified and classified staff will be onsite both days.
  • Teachers will put an assignment on Google Classroom for each class.
  • The assignment will be due the following Monday.