Volleyball Players Celebrate Senior Night


Terrick Smith, Sports Reporter

On September 22, 2020,  Mary Insalaco, Aleya Kenndey, Dationa Streets, Kenzie Cresswell, Jada Lawson, and Kelly Barker the Volleyball seniors took on the Bryant Hornets, which should have been a normal game but senior night came a little early due to COVID-19.  Even so, the night was electrifying. The seniors had fun and the crowd was outstanding. Over the years, they have built a family bond with each other.

Kelly Barker says, “There’s no pressure as a senior on senior night, although it is very emotional because this is it. There’s only one senior night in your high school career. It’s a very special night for us seniors, very sentimental.”

COVID has changed volleyball in many ways. At the game, the girls were separated and had to have masks on when they were on the sideline. In the crowd, attendees had to skip a whole row due to COVID. Though the pandemic has made some things challenging, the ladies are looking at the positives. Senior Jada Lawson says,“Just like any other sport, COVID has made it hard for recruiting and getting those daily reps in for practice. It has shown me that you have to do everything possible to get yourself out to those recruiters because they aren’t just going to come to you.”

Aleya Kennedy adds, “COVID-19 didn’t affect us too heavily. It really helped because during the summer we got to focus on skills and we got to get a lot of reps.” 

Sports can change a person for the better. Mary Insalaco had a lot to say about the program, “The NLR volleyball program has helped me grow athletically and mentally. I believe I am stronger mentally because of the program. Most importantly I am a stronger athlete because of the NLR volleyball program!” Volleyball also helped Kenzie Cresswell, “NLR volleyball has helped me grow in so many ways, it’s made me a stronger person, to push through the hard work. It has taught me so many life lessons that I will keep with me forever.”

The seniors have advice for the rising senior volleyball players. Jada Lawson says, “To the upcoming seniors I would say to play with confidence and don’t try to play on the safe side in practice and in games. BE COMPETITIVE.” 

Daitona Streets had a few words of encouragement, “Have positive attitudes and strive to be better than we are now.”

Aleya Kennedy also said, “To the upcoming seniors I would say be patient with yourself, and don’t give up. Never allow frustration to get the best of you.”